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AC Services For Jamestown, NC

Our HVAC systems are the unsung heroes of our property. We often take them for granted, but they are delicate systems. They are what enable us to be comfortable indoors. However, life indoors can quickly become miserable when our HVAC systems experience a breakdown. 

AC Services For Jamestown, NC | Repair Solutions Inc

When this happens, you are not alone. Our heating and cooling contractors can repair or replace your appliances.

AC Installation

Air conditioners do not last forever. Most last for about 15 to 20 years. The lifespan of your air conditioning system depends on the quality of the initial installation, how often maintenance was performed, and how often you use it. Some signs that indicate you need a new AC include rising energy bills, the home not getting cool enough, and condensation pooling around the unit. If you notice these signs, it is time for an AC installation.

AC Maintenance

Maintenance is always a smart investment in any HVAC system. It helps keep the unit performing at its peak condition, improves energy efficiency, and prolongs the life of the unit. Tasks such as replacing air filters, drain line inspections, and thermostat inspections will help keep your AC running smoothly.

AC Services For Jamestown, NC | Repair Solutions Inc

AC Repair

In the summer months, it is not uncommon for temperatures to reach the mid to high 80s. This can make it difficult to sleep, work, or just be indoors if your air conditioning system is not working properly. Our team of HVAC professionals can fix any issue with your cooling systems such as a bad capacitor, clogged drain line, or damaged blower motor. You can always count on our AC repair team to keep you cool in the case of a breakdown.

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At Repair Solutions Inc, we provide professional HVAC services to the Jamestown, NC community. We can repair or replace any system that you have, whether it be a heat pump, air conditioner, furnace, or boiler. Signs that indicate your HVAC systems need servicing include poor airflow, strange sounds when systems start, and property not reaching the desired temperature. Contact us today for all your HVAC service needs!