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Say Good-Bye To Allergens, Bacteria & Pollutants

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While the air in your home may seem clean enough, there may be allergens and other irritants lurking where you can’t detect them. Dust, mildew, dander, and bacteria are often circulating around our homes without us even knowing. This is especially bothersome for those with allergies. Leave the cleaning to our professionals at Repair Solutions Inc. Not only do we offer HVAC repairs, but we also offer air duct cleanings and inspections. Our professional team of contractors can evaluate and check your ducts to ensure there are no blockages or other concerns. To schedule your appointment, call us today! We serve High Point, NC; Jamestown, NC; Greensboro, NC and nearby areas.

Air Quality Solutions | Repair Solutions Inc

Benefits Of Air Duct Cleaning

Your home is the one place that you should always feel comfortable. If the air quality in your home is affecting you, it’s time to take action and reclaim a clean environment. Some benefits of air duct cleaning include:

  • Improved Air Flow: With Dust, allergens, and other particles that stay collected in your air ducts, your HVAC unit will be working harder to keep your home cool. To avoid extra costs from HVAC repairs, have your air duct cleaned regularly.
  • Cleaner Air & Environment: Clean air ducts take away the dust, allergens, and pollen that normally travel throughout your home. For those who live in your home, suffering from allergies and respiratory issues will be more bearable day to day.
  • Removal of Unpleasant Smells: Not only can air duct cleanings remove dust and allergens from the air, but it can also clean tobacco, mold, and old food smells that get trapped in your ducts.

Repair Solutions Inc has worked with several different air quality products, ranging from purifiers, UV lights, and media filtration systems to air scrubbers, ventilators, and humidifiers. We’ll make sure your air is clean so you can breathe easily. If you’re concerned there’s a blockage or problem with your air ducts, we can also evaluate them for HVAC repairs. Just call us today for an appointment.

Air Quality Solutions | Repair Solutions Inc

HVAC Repairs Available

To ensure your home continues to have heating and cooling year-round, your air duct are an important part to your HVAC unit. Our contractors will review your entire system and help you determine what solutions and HVAC repairs we can offer. If you’d like to learn more about our air duct services, call us today. We offer our services to High Point, NC; Greensboro, NC; Jamestown, NC and nearby areas.