Why Duct Sealing?

Are You Wasting Energy?

Greensboro, NC | High Point, NC | Jamestown, NC

Are your energy bills going through the roof? Even when you’re conserving your heating or cooling usage, it’s still a hefty energy bill at the end of the month. If your HVAC unit is fairly new and working well, then your air ducts may be to blame.

When new air ducts are installed they are more prone to show signs of leaking as compared to more mature ductwork. Air ducts transfer the air from your HVAC across your home. For these to be as effective as possible, there should be no openings along these lines. Air duct leaks can cost you hundreds of wasted dollars each year, as they force your system to work harder in order to compensate for lost energy. To correct this issue, we offer HVAC repairs to cut those energy bills in half! Call us today for an appointment. We are proud to serve High Point, NC; Jamestown, NC; Greensboro, NC and nearby areas.

Signs Your Ductwork Is Leaking

Stop paying outrageous energy bills! If you notice any of the following indicators in your Greensboro, NC home, contact Repair Solutions Inc right away. Our HVAC repairs could save you money every month.

  • High Energy Bills: This is one of the most common signs that your ductwork needs to be sealed or re-sealed. According to the government-backed Energy Star, the typical US home has some form of duct tears, holes, or poor connections that result in leaking. This equates to completely preventable and extremely high energy bills.
  • You Can Hear Air Escaping: If you hear any kinks or sounds that appear to be air escaping out of your ducts or walls, make a note of where it is coming from and call Repair Solutions Inc for convenient HVAC repairs. This allows us to target a specific area for our inspection and begin the diagnosis from that point.
  • More Dust Than Normal: You may not think you have a ductwork leak when you see more dust appear in your home, but that is an obvious indicator. If you don’t have adequate duct sealant on the return side of your ductwork, it will pull in the dust and air pollutants from your attic or basement—once that dust and dirt enter your ductwork, it will inevitably end up in your home. The only way to stop it from happening is to have your ducts properly serviced & repaired.

Save Money & Protect Your System

You won’t see the savings from sealing leaks just in your monthly energy bills, either. Because leaks cause your system to run longer and harder, they will wear your system out faster than normal. Sealing these leaks directly leads to a more reliable system that will last you for years.

If you suspect that your ducts may not be properly sealed, or if your energy bills have gone up and you don’t know why, call us today for an inspection and sealing!