Heat Pump Installation

Replace Your Outdated System

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Heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners. These systems act as a heating and cooling system all wrapped into one. A heat pump transports heat energy in and out of your home in order to raise or lower your set temperature: when you want to turn the heat on, heat energy is pulled in from outside, and when you want to cool things off, excess heat energy is expelled outdoors.

If you have an older setup that relies on separate systems and isn’t as energy efficient as you’d like it to be, get in touch with Repair Solutions Inc. Our team of contractors are trained and certified for HVAC Installations and repairs on different brands of heating and cooling units.

Four Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional For Heating Installation

  • Cost of quality tools & materials: The heating installation process requires specific tools and high-quality materials to do the job right. The cost of materials adds up fast and it doesn’t make sense to buy a bunch of tools for a one-time job. Instead, hire our professional contractors at Repair Solutions Inc that are equipped with all the proper tools and high-quality materials for any heating repair or installation job.
  • Saves time: Our professional contractors can work at a faster pace, while still doing high-quality work. If you attempt to do the heating installation yourself, you must be prepared for it to take much longer. Save time and hire our team to get the job done!
  • Unexpected issues during installation: If you encounter any issues during the heating installation process, it can be hard to figure out the problem. Our contractors have encountered many different issues over the years, so they are able to adapt to issues that come up during the heating installation process.
  • Safety during installation: If a heat pump is not installed properly, it can create many issues or even possibly start a fire in your home. Hire our team to take care of your heating installation to take the pressure off yourself. Our professionals know all the safety protocols to follow to avoid fires or other problems due to improper heating installation. Our team of contractors serves the Jamestown, NC; High Point, NC; and Greensboro, NC areas! Give us a call today!

Save Money & Energy By Calling The Professionals

Repair Solutions Inc can conduct an inspection of your current system and analyze your energy bills. We can let you know how much you could potentially save each month with a new heat pump! See how much you could save and how else your home may benefit from a new heat pump by calling Repair Solutions Inc today.

At Repair Solutions Inc, we strive to help our customers stay comfortable all year long with quality HVAC repairs. By hiring a professional HVAC tech, HVAC installation and other services are backed by a team with the knowledge and experience required to keep your system functioning. Instead of trying to tackle big projects by yourself, spending your valuable time, and potentially more money than you might have to, our team will come by ready to handle the job for you. Call us for more information on our HVAC installation, we serve High Point, NC; Jamestown, NC; Greensboro, NC and nearby towns.