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Whether you are a homeowner or business owner in the Jamestown, NC area, it’s probably safe to say that you appreciate having your heating system working during the cooler months and your AC working during the warmer months. At our company, we strive to help our customers stay comfortable all year long with quality HVAC repairs. By hiring a professional HVAC tech, HVAC repairs, and other services are backed by a team with the knowledge and experience required to keep your system functioning. Instead of trying to tackle repairs by yourself, spending your valuable time, and potentially more money than you might have to, our team will come by ready to assist. In fact, if you try to complete repairs by yourself, you could end up doing more harm than good.

We understand how to effectively handle your HVAC system and take great care in handling refrigerants that require special care. Don’t put yourself or your family in an unsafe predicament to avoid spending money by trying to perform HVAC repairs yourself. 

Gas Furnace Repair | Repair Solutions Inc

Our team can provide you with suggestions on how to prevent problems in the future. For more questions about our services, contact us. We serve Greensboro, NC; High Point, NC; and nearby areas.

Natural Gas Heating Repairs

No heating system is designed to last forever. While you can expect your gas furnace to last somewhere between 15-30 years depending on the level of maintenance that you provide, chances are that repairs will be needed at some point. Whether you’re looking at a simple fix or a major HVAC repair, leave the job to Repair Solutions Inc.

There are many advantages, however, to addressing any issues with your heating system promptly. Firstly, your home will naturally be cozier and more comfortable. You’ll also benefit from greater energy savings since poorly maintained gas furnaces operate less efficiently and take their toll on utility bills. A unit that needs to be repaired is likely compromising the quality of the air that your and your family are breathing as well. Clogged filters or dirty duct components will trap dust, bacteria, pet dander, and more and circulate these particles throughout your house, leading to health issues such as allergies or headaches.

A gas furnace operating at peak capacity is safer in other ways also, producing less carbon monoxide and having a smaller chance of causing accidents. Reach out to our team today to schedule your gas furnace repair or furnace installation, we are proud to serve throughout Jamestown, NC; High Point, NC & Greensboro, NC.